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The AFAN Quarterly is a new astrological magazine featuring art, research, interviews, transit guides, and more. As a digitally produced publication, we accept video, digital artwork, animation, podcasts, and music submissions as well as writing. In The Quarterly, your work is presented in innovative formats with a beautiful typographic experience and all the benefits of online publishing (social sharing, SEO rankings, searchability). 



As astrologers, we all stand on the shoulders of those who came before us. For this next issue of the AFAN Quarterly, we would like to explore the history of astrology; the connections between astrology, mythology and archetypes, and the varied cultural approaches to our relationship with the stars. We would like to consider the many schools of astrology and how modern practices of this craft are still deeply informed by their lineage. Our objective is to illuminate the great pantheon of astrology from across the globe and across the ages.

In addition to inspiration based on our theme, we would love articles considering current astrological topics, such as:

Aries Ingress Chart
US Pluto Return
Eclipse season reports
Lessons from 2021 Saturn/Uranus activity
Astrological profiles (biography)
Transit Guides
Book Reviews

If you’re an astrologer who has expertise in a specific category, such as herbalism, marketing, client issues, marketing, or tech, we would be pleased to offer your knowledge as a recurring column.

We’re also looking for on the scene reporting from conferences, as well as social media and Patreon content roundups.

Do you have something to share? Interested in writing but need some help brainstorming? Please reach out to us, at quarterly@afan.org, we love to hear from you!


No advertisements. Professional bio and contact information are encouraged but please no links to classes or offerings.

Include your name, email address, city and country, pronouns and a headshot (at least 400×400 pixels) and a ~100 word bio. Word documents or google documents for text files.

The deadline is March 12. All submissions should be sent to quarterly@afan.org. We will confirm receipt of your submission. We may ask for editing or revisions.

You do not need to be an AFAN member to submit an item, but you must be in good standing to be published.

Chicago style citations. No first-person writing.

The tone should be professional, inclusive, and respectful. Avoid opinion pieces about current events or the validity of other astrological approaches. Political opinions should not be obvious when presenting the astrology data. Please read and become familiar with AFAN’s statement on diversity.

Interpretations should rely on sound astrological techniques. The content needs to be factually and historically accurate and properly reference any work that is not your own.

Please proofread and spell-check your articles before submitting them.

Please provide times for calculated charts and a chart rating.

Graphics should be as high resolution as possible, PNG or JPEG.

Music/Audio/Podcasts mp4 or AAC format for raw files. We can also accept links and embed codes.

Video submissions should include embeddable YouTube links, Vimeo, mp4, Mov. We may ask you to remove excessive branding or front-loaders. Where technically feasible we will disable downloads of video and audio files.

It’s your contributions that make this magazine fresh and exciting. Thank you for your role in furthering astrological knowledge. 

Please submit articles to quarterly@afan.org.

At your service,
The AFAN Quarterly

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