Join the largest astrology conference in Chicago, from May 24 – 29, 2018 for the United Astrology Conference 2018.


UAC is an astrology extravaganza, consisting of six days of astrology workshops, lectures and social events. AFAN will be hosting a pre-conference workshop at UAC 2018 (details coming soon).

More info about the conference in general

AFAN is one of the three main and historical sponsors of UAC, which was first held in 1986.

At UAC 2018, AFAN will host a variety of networking events, including evening hospitality suites and a pre-conference workshop. AFAN will also co-ordinate a voluntary attendee roster in order to help people network after the conference, and give out information about AFAN at the AFAN trade show table.

Join us for the AFAN pre-conference workshop at UAC

How to Organize a Successful Local Astrology Group

DATE: ​Wednesday May 23, 2018 TIME: 10 am – 12.30 pm COST: FREE
DESCRIPTION: In this internet-focused age, local astrology groups are still an important place to connect and share with other astrologers face-to-face. How do you find a local group, create one if none exist in your area, and keep a local astrology group going over time? In this informal gathering, we will discuss all the ‘how-to’s’ of starting and maintaining a local astrology group, such as different operational models, connecting with speakers, and sustaining interest over the years. Whether you have been organizing a local group for a long time or are just trying to find one, we invite you to come share your experiences with us in this roundtable discussion.
 No need to register, just drop in! MORE INFO HERE