AFAN’s policies and business are directed by a 10-member Steering Committee elected by and from the membership. Each Steering Committee member chairs a Working Committee with a specific area of responsibility. In addition, there are various official appointments made by the Steering Committee, either in accordance with AFAN’s Bylaws or on an ad-hoc basis.

Steering Committee members are listed alphabetically by last name.


Christelle Alaby – Mentoring + Legal & Advocacy + Community Activities

Christelle Alaby is a English and French speaking Astrologer, Teacher, and Broadcaster. She studied BSc psychology and completed a post grad in Transpersonal psychology, Consciousness and Spirituality. Christelle resides in London UK where she lives with her teenage son and works as Senior Young Carers Practitioner and Outreach Lead in London. She is a keen traveler and student and spends much of her time exploring myths, human behaviour and astrological patterns. Christelle also provides private consultations, teaches introduction to Astrology/Intermediate Courses and Co-Hosts on “Star Struck” Dash X Radio.

Maria Blaquier – Education

María Blaquier was born in Argentina, in 1967, and has been involved with astrology since
1987. She’s the founder of the online astrology school Academia de Astrología Avanzada Maria Blaquier. Her studies include psychological astrology, Draconic, Medieval Astrology (MDA Zoller2012), Hellenistic and Horary (STA). Publications include several articles in The Astrological Journal, Stellium, IAMINFINITY, and a book on Traditional astrology and Time Lord techniques. For the last decade, she has been working intensely on a research project on how to differentiate charts of twins by using draconic astrology.

Laura Campagna – Education + Media Watch

Laura Campagna (she/they) is a writer, artist, and activist turned astrologer born and raised in Boston, MA. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Emerson College, and a BA from Antioch College in Cultural Studies with a focus on mythology of the divine feminine. Laura is an intersectional feminist witch, practices energy healing, reads tarot, and believes in the power of storytelling to shape and save lives. She publishes on the connections between social justice, astrology, queerness, and magic.


Gin Ebony – Community Activities + Membership + Website

Gin (she/they) is a Canadian cosmic broadcaster, curator, and mental health advocate with deep roots and heart in Detroit, Mi; her creative pursuits are intimately intertwined with her astrological practice. She is currently immersed in a graduate program for Psychodynamic Psychotherapy in Toronto. Gin cultivates zenith fulfillment through efforts to elevate the work of fellow members of her beloved community. She is the founder and organizer of the online astrology event board, Cosmic Soup // Soupe Cosmique. She hosts the radio show STEP01 which features a cosmically informed music-variety-show series on radio via Montréal.

Ali Gully – Membership + Ethics

Ali Gully is the voice and visionary behind Ascent Astrology. She blends her background in therapy and passion for Hellenistic astrology into her work. With a masters in social work and a masters in organizational psychology, she brought a new perspective into pediatric healthcare administration. She has taught many classes in crisis management, self-care, and building relationships. Ali is a member of several professional astrological organizations including the AFA, OPA, AFAN, and NCGR. Ali lives with her husband, son, daughter and Scottish Terrier in Wisconsin.

Melanie Gurley – Social Media + ANS Representative

Melanie Gurley is a creative and active professional Astrologer in Portland, OR, USA. Melanie studied at The Portland School of Astrology and now offers classes there. She serves on the board of her local Astrological group, The Oregon Astrological Association, as Vice President and loves to support the workings of various Astrological conferences, such as NORWAC, UAC, PSA’s annual conference, and ISAR’s upcoming conference. Melanie is the creator of the AstroBodies® Drawing System and hosts The Beautiful Astrology Podcast.


Wayne Hall – Treasurer + Correspondence + Website

Wayne’s primary focus in professional life is Network and Information Security. He was introduced to Astrology through his wife Christy in the mid-2000’s and in an effort to support and communicate better with his wife, obtained Level 1 NCGR Certification along with her. Fascinated by financial astrology, he believes there are astrological underpinnings to the rise of cryptocurrency and how the world can benefit from a major shift of awareness, transparency, sovereignty and elevated consciousness. Wayne volunteers for astrological organizations when possible. He co-founded Astrological Society of Austin with Christy as well as served on the board in various positions with the Astrological Society of North Texas. More of an astrological supporter than actual astrologer, Wayne is eager to provide technological, media / graphic-related, and other talents so that the real astrologers can help and educate the community, distribute their message and usher our world into the next phase.

Giulio Rocco Pellegrini – Presiding Officer

Giulio Pellegrini, is a consulting astrologer living in Palm Springs, CA. He combines esoteric, hermetic, and psychological traditions in a new synthesis of understanding. Giulio has studied astrology at The Faculty of Astrological Studies and is a certified horary astrology practitioner, STA. He is a recipient of the 2018 OPA Most Promising Astrologer Scholarship and he recently became Presiding Officer of the AFAN Steering Committee.


Alicia Shaich Yusuf – Mentoring + Finance & Treasury

Alicia Yusuf is an Astrologer (Dip. Astrology), Counsellor (Voc. Grad. Dip Counselling) and Scientist (B Sc.). Fascinated by both astrology and astronomy as a child, it is now her life passion. She formalized her astrology studies in 2005 and has worked with clients ever since, blending counselling skills with her astrology understandings to consult, teach and write. She also co-hosts The Water Trio astrology podcast. Alicia has been on a number of NFP boards in a volunteer role, including the Red Cross and environmental organization OzGreen. She enjoys blending her practical administrative skills with her passion for astrology to support the work of AFAN and the astrological community as a whole.

Debbie Stapleton – Newsletter + Social Media

Debbie is a Canadian astrologer, living on unceded T’Sou-ke First Nation territory, who has been an astrology enthusiast since the mid-1990’s. She also is an artist, musician and herbalist who explores the cross-pollination of these modalities in her astrology consulting and teaching work. Debbie holds an ISAR CAP, and has focused her studies on old world astrology, including the Hellenistic, Medieval, and Renaissance eras, and Indian astrology. She takes a holistic approach to her astrology work, supporting her clients in finding a sense of meaning and wholeness in their lives, while drawing on remedial and magical practices for insight.