UAC 2018 Pre-Conference Workshop


How to Organize a Successful Local Astrology Group

DATE: ​Wednesday May 23, 2018
TIME: 10 am – 12.30 pm

DESCRIPTION: In this internet-focused age, local astrology groups are still an important place to connect and share with other astrologers face-to-face. How do you find a local group, create one if none exist in your area, and keep a local astrology group going over time? In this informal gathering, we will discuss all the ‘how-to’s’ of starting and maintaining a local astrology group, such as different operational models, connecting with speakers, and sustaining interest over the years. Whether you have been organizing a local group for a long time or are just trying to find one, we invite you to come share your experiences with us in this roundtable discussion.

No need to register, just drop in.


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