Announcing the winners of our 2020 AFAN Astrology Conference and Study Scholarships & Grants

To All AFAN Members:

Providing the opportunity to support our members through furthering their astrological education is an important AFAN tradition. We were overwhelmed by the number and quality of applicants this year and the deliberations were long and hard.

The following are the successful applications selected for the scholarships and we wish them all the best with their continuing astrological journey! Their experiences will be shared via our website in the months to come.

For those members not selected to receive an award at this time, we encourage you to apply again next year! We would also suggest engaging in our other AFAN member activities, including monthly Town Hall meetings, monthly Study Groups and our Mentoring program.


Your 2020 AFAN Scholarship Committee Co-Chairs

Ali Gully & Alicia Yusuf

Meet the 2020 AFAN Scholarship recipients

Laura Godenick – I’m a 3rd generation vegetarian from the South and grew up Seventh Day Adventist until age 9 when my family left the church. I was introduced to astrology when I was 19 while I lived in Yosemite National Park. I’ve been obsessed ever since. I’m a Gemini Rising, Virgo Sun, and Capricorn Moon. Having a community and a sense of purpose means the world to me. I love to partner dance and rock climb.

Isabella Ionni is an astrology student with a Masters in Art History from George Washington University. Introduced to astrology at an early age from her grandmother, Isabella started to study astrology seriously in 2017. Combining her art history background and studies of astrology, she wishes to explore the intersections between astrology, magic, and the occult in art history. She is currently researching Hilma af Klint’s use of astrology in her Paintings for the Temple.

Kristin Kühn – I’m an astrologer in training, blending traditional and modern styles of astrology. Being oriented toward the mystical, my practice of astrology is rooted in the desire for connection: connection with ourselves and each other, connection with the Earth, the natural rhythms, and our own nature, and connection with the greater cosmos. While I’m located in Germany, the US is my intellectual home, and I’m excited to attend my first astrological conference in Denver this summer.

Sharon Leopardi has been a curiosity-driven astro-explorer for almost a decade. Her initial astro-interests were in Joytish/Vedic Astrology, followed by a self-taught inquiry into a variety of astrological perspectives including Evolutionary Astrology, Shamanic Astrology and Hellenistic Astrology. While currently attending David Cochrane’s Professional Vibrational Astrology Course, she founded VIINE (Vibrational Inquiry Into Natural Existence) Astrology. There she strives to provide education and consultations for courageous soul explorers in a curious environment with an intuitive voice.

Deon Mitchell is a student of Traditional Western astrology from Elkhart, Indiana. Though they haven’t been studying long, they have dedicated themself to studying astrology while dual-enrolled in high school and community college. Once Deon graduates, they plan to formalize their astrological studies and supplement their education in college. They are passionate about understanding queer and trans experiences within the framework of traditional astrology, and they aspire to become a consulting astrologer in the future.

Nicole Rehorn is a single mother, traveler, pediatric nurse, and budding astrologer. Originally from New York City, she is currently based in Los Angeles, CA. She has traveled all over the world, including to Brazil,China,Rwanda, and Mexico. At the age of 27, she stopped traveling overseas to raise her daughter on her own. The abrupt change of pace led her to start using astrology as a tool for self-discovery and guidance through difficult times. She is currently utilizing the deep, transformative energy of 2020’s transits to dive even deeper into her astrology practice. She is humbled and honored to have received a scholarship to attend the NORWAC conference this May.

Debbie Stapleton is a Canadian astrologer, herbalist and artist. She focuses on traditional astrology, with its rich magical and herbal practices. In addition to astrological consulting with a holistic perspective in mind, she also loves teaching workshops on how to make astrology more accessible in people’s lives. Debbie has a musical and artistic background that informs and inspires her planetary illustrations, and creative synthesis of astrological concepts. She is a regular contributor to

Irina Tudor – Growing up in a family of Roma ‘stargazers’, divinational artistry is in my DNA. The 90’s zeitgeist brought a hunger for Western astrology fitting for a queer teenage vampire witch. Holding sacred space for thousands of clients from marginalized groups, shaped my adult calling: offering professional mental health and spiritual care. Recent study of traditional astrology enriched my service to the queer community. My hope is to continue to add to this spiritual first aid kit.

Matthew P. Williams is a student of traditional astrology living in Los Angeles, CA. When he is not studying astrology and other facets of Hermeticism and Western Esotericism, he is roasting coffee professionally, tending to a multitude of plants, and raising three cats with his partner Thomas. He hopes to build a robust consulting practise that combines his love of plant medicine, magic, and traditional astrology.

Brisbane Astrology Enthusiasts regularly gathers to share astrological knowledge + earthly experiences, to engage in lively metaphysical discussion, and to nurture the astrology community in Brisbane and surrounding areas. We are a welcoming and supportive forum that champions diverse voices and promotes the liberated exchange of ideas. Wherever you are on your astrological journey, from astrology lover to practising astrologer, we would be delighted to have you join us.

The Chicago Astrology Group at Inner Sense Healing Arts Collective meets once a month with the mission of connecting and educating local astrologers and astrology enthusiasts. We attract a wide range of experience levels, which makes the group a lively forum for learning and sharing about astrology and building community. Inner Sense Healing Arts is a non profit organization focused on fostering self reflective practices within disempowered populations in effort to build a restored and engaged community.