Nate Craddock
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The Rev. Nate Craddock, MDiv is a qualified traditional astrologer (STA QHP) and ordained minister in the United Church of Christ, a mainline Protestant denomination in the USA. Nate has been practicing since mid-2017 and specializes in the use of traditional natal and horary astrology in the service of vocational discernment, achievement, and remediation.

An experienced vocational counselor and human services professional, Nate moderates Vocation Nation, a Facebook group for individuals discerning with one another in community what it is that they are meant to do with their life, and how to go about doing it. He runs an active consulting and writing practice and also organizes the Bluegrass Astrology Circle in central Kentucky. Nate lives, loves, and lifts weights in Lexington, Kentucky with his husband Michael and their corgi. Connect with him at and on Twitter: @ryancaradog