Please join us the third of four lectures presented by Michael Erlewine “Interface – Planetary Nodes and the Chakras


This talk is about planetary nodes, the nodes or interfaces that are formed when the planes of any two planets intersect. And by intersect, I don’t just mean intersect with the planet of the earth’s orbit, but the planes of any two planets intersect with each other, with or without Earth being one of the two. Two planetary planes intersect to create what we could call a sensitive point, more like a power point for that matter. As the planets travel around their orbits through time, they reach these power points or nodes two times in a complete orbit or cycle. At that point, the planet is not only in the plane of its own orbit, but simultaneously in the plane of the second planet, and this is a point of power or emphasis.


Sunday, April 11
11:00 AM Eastern
8:00 AM Pacific
90 minutes


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