AFAN's Astrology Mentoring Program

AFAN is proud of its mentoring program.

AFAN Advisors and Networkers are willing to mentor other AFAN members for a minimum period of three months.

In AFAN’s spirit of networking and building community, our advisors strive to help other astrologers and to preserve our fine astrological traditions as we experience the 21st century together.

We have highly qualified mentors available, some of whom number among the world’s most prominent astrologers. They establish an interactive relationship with their assigned protégé using phone, email, and/or when possible, face-to-face contact. This is a program that crosses the boundaries of all associations and organizations, as well as national borders.

You can contact the Chair of AFAN’s Advisors/Mentoring Committee at

The Mentor

Mentors will inquire about their protégé’s interests and offer guidance on books, journals, conferences, courses, schools or teachers to enhance the protégé’s development of a knowledge base on particular topics. The role of the mentor is as an advisor, consultant or sounding board, not as a teacher of course work. There may, for example, be discussions concerning the ethical responsibilities of being a consulting astrologer or on how to develop leadership skills through active participation in local, national, and international astrology organizations. Advice may be given on how to conduct a research project, prepare a paper for publication, start up a business or even to organize or work on a conference.

More than just the communication of information, this process involves passing on the wisdom gleaned from the mentor’s own experiences in the astrological field. A protégé is not just another student, but a person who is committed to astrology and needs to be nurtured along the way. To create and preserve an oral history and provide continuity between generations, the mentor might also share his/her personal stories and adventures as an astrologer.

If you would like to be a mentor and give back some of your accumulated knowledge and experience to  younger astrologers us, please complete this form. We will find a mentee match based on your preferences.

If you have any questions about the program contact the Chair of AFAN’s Advisors/Mentoring Committee at

The Mentee

A mentee can be anyone — a student, professional, beginner, colleague. The role of the mentee is to listen to their mentor and be guided by them. There will be boundaries and they must be respected.

A mentor is the person you would contact for advice or encouragement or even when you simply need a sounding board. If you would like to have a trusted advisor to help you learn the real world application of astrology, then please register your intertest by filing out this form. We will review your preferences and work to find a mentor match that is right for you. If uou have any questions about the mentoring program, contact us at

This is an exciting program which can only enhance our profession and dissolve borders. Be part of it. Enroll Here.