AFAN works to protect the constitutional and legal rights of astrologers everywhere, overturn anti-astrology ordinances, and inform astrologers of their legal rights and responsibilities. We also maintain archives of trials concerning astrologers and others prosecuted under fortunetelling and other statutes.

If you become involved in a legal crisis, please read and follow these guidelines, and contact us at for additional support and guidance.

Here is some basic information on how the law relates to astrology, and important guidance on what to do to successfully defend against an arrest or citation for practicing astrology (or “fortunetelling”), or to overturn an ordinance that bans or overly restricts the practice of astrology.

The Law and Astrology in Australia: The legal standing of astrology in Australia is very fuzzy. In NSW it is no longer illegal but in some other states (not sure which ones) it is still on the statute books as a minor misdemeanor. However in those states that statute tends to be completely ignored.

As far as we know no Astrologer has ever been prosecuted in Australia for practicing astrology, however one astrologer has been successfully prosecuted for financial fraud. This prosecution was not about being an astrologer but about conning thousands of dollars out of a very gullible woman. Astrologers in Australia no legal concerns as such, but do have 3rd party insurance concerns. In general Australian Astrologers are treated very well, by both the legal profession and by the media.

AFAN has compiled this information over the years, and has used it successfully in numerous instances and jurisdictions →

The Law and Astrology, by Jayj Jacobs: How the law relates to astrology, how states and cities can and cannot regulate the practice of astrology, case-law examples, etc.

What To Do in a Legal Crisis, by Jayj Jacobs: Specific steps to take to protect yourself if you are cited or arrested for practicing astrology, as well as steps to take to challenge proposed ordinances which unconstitutionally restrict the practice of astrology.

Denver Public Safety Committee Presentation (2000): Complete text of the AFAN Legal Information Committee presentation to the Denver Public Safety Committee requesting the repeal of the Denver “fortune-telling” ordinance.

AFAN’s Legal Record: A state-by-state record (US) of civil and legal actions taken in behalf of astrology by AFAN.

Successful lawsuit filed by owner of a metaphysical bookstore challenging a city and the ordinance that opposes astrology.