The 28th Annual International Astrology Day was celebrated at the Aries Equinox, March 20, 2021

We welcomed speakers who joined us from nine countries around the world to offer

45-minute presentations as well as a panel discussion on the theme of Care & Community!

Members are welcome to review the recordings of the IAD 2021 Celebration, which are only visible below to those logged into their membership account

We began on Saturday March 20, 2021 at 10:15 am EST and finished up at 10:15 pm EST

Bárbara BonvalotPortugal

The Moon as a Guide to Self Care

Bio: Bárbara Bonvalot began her path in astrology in 2005 and works as a professional astrologer since 2009, both as a consultant and a teacher. Initially, she learned and practiced psychological astrology, but in 2019 she began studying Hellenistic astrology and is now integrating these techniques in her own practice. Over time she has been creating her own approach and her consultations and courses reflect her experience in Astrology, as well as her personal path of acceptance and search for meaning.

Recording/Lecture slides:

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Nia Boaz FylerIsrael

A New Gender Approach for Astrologers 

How to Adapt Your Astrology Interpretation to a New Consciousness 

Bio: Nia Boaz Fyler is an Evolutionary Astrologer & the Israeli Representative of The Organization for Professional Astrology since 2014. Fyler has been conducting Astrology Consultations for more than a decade, they lecture and teach Evolutionary Astrology in Europe and the USA. Fyler’s practice focuses on the soul and the developmental, emotional, and spiritual dynamics in a chart. 

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María BlaquierArgentina 

Astro-Gematria : A Numerological Technique for Personal Betterment

Description:  Gematria is the practice of interpreting words with the help of numbers; letters are converted into their corresponding numerical values. Astrological Gematria is a technique by which the numerical value of a word is matched with a zodiacal degree, making it possible to see how it impacts your natal chart, and therefore, your life. How do certain foods agree with you? What is the best title for your new project? Which astrological organization should I join? In this talk, we’ll answer these questions and dive into the possibilities Astrological Gematria offers to improve your wellbeing.

Bio: María Blaquier was born in Argentina, in 1967, and has been involved with astrology since 1987. She’s the founder of the online astrology school Academia de Astrología Avanzada Maria Blaquier. Her studies include psychological astrology, Draconic, Medieval Astrology (MDA Zoller 2012), Hellenistic and Horary (STA).   Publications include several articles in The Astrological Journal, Stellium, IAMINFINITY, and a book on Traditional astrology and Time Lord techniques (ed. Kier, Bs. As.). For the last decade, she has been working intensely on a research project on how to  differentiate charts of twins by using draconic astrology.

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Fernanda PaivaBrazil

Astrology, (Self) Care and Community

Description: Group and community needs seem to be under the spotlight as we witness the planetary emphasis in the aquarian archetype – with Saturn and Jupiter currently in Aquarius and Pluto entering the sign in 2 years, also reflected by the Saturn square Uranus happening throughout 2021. According to astrologer Liz Greene where there is Aquarian energy the Sun is invoked as its opposite and complement. In this talk we will be exploring what can the natal solar energy, including its aspects, reflect about the balance between Self-care and our role in the community. 

Bio: Fernanda Paiva is a practicing astrologer with a BA. in History and she acquired her astrology certificate with distinction at the London School of Astrology. She has been published by Flare UK, IAM Infinity magazine, the AA Journal and at the astrodienst website, and she is currently working on her masters’ thesis for the MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology at the University of Wales. Fernanda is originally from Brazil but has been living in the UK for the past 12 years and she did her first talk at the Astrological Association Conference in 2020 on the Astrology of The Handmaid’s Tale.

Recording/Lecture slides:

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Health Care Practices in hand with Astrological Service – A Panel Discussion

 with  Wilnise François (US)  +  Anita Chakraburtty (UK)  +  Cameron Allen (US)  +  Alicia Yusuf (Australia)

Description: In line with the theme of this years International Astrology Day (IAD) celebration, Care & Community, we have invited a panel of astrologers with physical, mental, and spiritual health care practices; how do these practices inform the nature of their astrological service?  

Wilnise François is an herbalist, nurse, and astrologer. Her walk with plants is completely parallel to her personal uncovering of ancestral understanding and the very role she plays in reawakening the sacredness of her divinity.  Her role as a Nurse in the allopathic modality of healing awakened the deepest parts of herself to fulfill the duty she has for truth, cosmic alignment and ancestral justice. As a first generation Ayisien- American, Wilnise has the privilege and perspective of two worlds that bridge between plants and that of spirit. Where spirit transcend through the words we speak and the foods we eat. Where the very life of our ancestors are acknowledged and revered through the sacred art of culture.

Anita Chakraburtty has a Master’s in Chemistry & worked for Astra Zeneca in the early 1990’s as a Research Scientist. She holds a degree in Naturopathy with over ten years clinical experience both in the UK and in Australia. Anita holds a four-year diploma in Medieval Astrology with ‘Astro Mundi’ taught by Mari Garcia & Joy Usher. She also trained with a Cherokee Chief called Medicine Crow for 7 Years to learn Ancient Native American Shamanic Healing Practices.

Cameron Allen is an astrologer, herbalist, Reiki practitioner, health consultant, budding yoga practitioner and a spontaneous poet. He began this path in college, where in pursuit of a health and sports science and psychology degree, he experienced many things that could not be explained in current academia. This led Cameron to seek a variety of traditions in order to understand the mind-body awareness connection. Apart from his work with clients, Cameron has extensive formal education from the School of Evolutionary Herbalism and the School of Evolutionary Astrology. He is currently in the process of attaining his 200 hour RYT in Kundalini Yoga from Delta Groove Yoga in Memphis. As Cameron journeys through higher education, he continues to deepen his knowledge in the interconnectivity of all traditions, as they all begin with the Creator who unifies us all in spirit through the breath.

Alicia Yusuf is an Australian astrologer, counsellor, and healer.  Originally from Sydney, she is now based on the Sunshine Coast in sunny Queensland, and is honoured to work with clients all over the world. She has dedicated her life to studying the human condition: why we think, act, and behave the way we do, and what the purpose of it all is. Human life is a sacred responsibility, and each of us is as unique as our fingerprints with a specific role to play. 

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Will MorrisCanada

Astrology Directed Sound Therapy  

Bio: Will Morris has more than 40 years of experience and 40,000 client visits using astrology with herbs, homeopathy, acupuncture, sound, and manual therapeutics. He trained in Renaissance, Medieval, Cosmobiology, Vibrational, and Jyotish forms of astrology. He currently teaches and writes on medical astrology, using herbs, homeopathy, and sound frequencies. He is the author of Cycles in Medical Astrology, Comparative Materia Medica, and Transformation: Treating Trauma.

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Mychal A. BryanBahamas

The Role of Mentorship in Learning Astrology 

Bio: Mychal A. Bryan is a professional certified Astrologer, multidisciplinary hypnotherapist/healer, and broadcast journalist practicing in Nassau, Bahamas. He has been a lifelong student of the Western Mystery Tradition, emphasizing in Kabbalah, Tarot, Hermeticism, & Pre-Socratic Philosophy. He is the founder of the Oraculos School of Astrology (OSA), and The Oraculos Podcast. At OSA he offers private mentorship, professional development courses for seasoned practitioners, as well as a full 2-year Excellence in Astrology program.

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What is International Astrology Day?

In 1993, AFAN founded International Astrology Day, an outgrowth of Astrology Awareness Weekend.

IAD is celebrated on the Vernal Equinox, or the first day (in the Tropical Zodiac) of Aries. The new holiday was brought into being with the hope it would expand networking opportunities and promote positive aspects of astrology both within the astrology community and to the public at large.

Over the years IAD has grown into a powerful and festive event, with gatherings held in countless locations across the globe. IAD celebrations can be found in shops, educational centers, and public spaces. Some events are held on the day itself while others take place on the weekend before or after the day in honor of the holiday.

Today, with the advent of technology, people also gather virtually, attending webinars or online conferences enabling astrologers and astrology enthusiasts alike to gather in one place from around the world.

In addition to more formal lectures, casual gatherings are held in peoples’ homes around the world to honor the day and this stellar cosmology.