Call for Speakers

The Education Committee is thrilled to announce a monthly event series designed to provide free lectures by expert astrologers to our community, and offer budding astrologers the opportunity to present their work. AFAN invites you to apply to present at one of our exciting monthly educational events:
Community Workshop or Maestro Class. Please forward this open call to anyone you think may be interested.



Community Workshops will be held on Thursday nights and will feature a 90-minute exploration on a subject of interest to the AFAN community. Anyone may apply to present on a topic they are passionate about. These workshops are intended to provide novice/intermediate astrologers the opportunity to develop ideas, test theories, gain confidence, and make connections across our global community of astrologers. We hope these workshops will provide the basis for applications to future conferences and publications. Community workshops are free and open to the public so there is no barrier to access and reach. In this way, AFAN hopes to support the learning and development of the larger astrological community we exist within.

– Intended to give newer astrologers the opportunity to gain experience
– Community Workshops are open to the public – there is no fee to attend
– Speaker compensation is a 2-year AFAN membership and this can be shared or gifted
– Submission deadline: Sept 1, 2021

👉 Apply to teach a Community Workshop



Maestro Classes will be held on Sundays, and offer a 90-120 minute class on a subject of expertise taught by an adept astrologer who has been practicing the craft for 10+ years. These classes are exclusive to AFAN members. We believe education is the key to excellence. AFAN is proud to further the enrichment of our members while showcasing the incredible talent and breadth of knowledge of our colleagues who have been in the field for decades.

– Taught by senior astrologers with 10+ years of experience
– Classes will be available only for AFAN members
– You do not need to be an AFAN member to apply to present
– Speaker compensation is $75 & 1-year AFAN membership
– Submission deadline: Sept 1, 2021

👉 Apply to teach a Maestro Class


Astrology is a unique language that unites us across dialects. As the world becomes global, so should our perspectives. The AFAN Education Committee seeks to be in conversation around issues of social, racial, gender, economic, disability, and environmental justice. We aim to fulfill the promise of AFAN’s values through educational events that showcase the diversity of our astrological community, and uplift the stories and interpretations emerging from a more inclusive, holistic, and anti-racist approach to astrology. 


The AFAN Education Committee’s Mission:

  • To showcase different branches of astrology
  • Offer classes and workshops in English and Spanish
  • Cover topics of use and relevance to beginning and practicing astrologers
  • Enhance members ability to utilize astrology as a tool for everyday life
  • Facilitate opportunities to present, learn, and share together
  • Support diversity and social justice within the astrological community


Please reach out with any questions at We look forward to being in conversation with you and seeing you at an event soon!

All the best,

María Blaquier and Laura Campagna
Co-Chairs, AFAN Education Committee