call for submissions

Call For Submissions!

Call for Submissions!

In October 2021 we launched a new astrological magazine called The AFAN Quarterly with an outstanding array of innovative astrology articles, art, interviews, videos, and more. As a digitally produced publication, we accept formats in video, art, photography, social media (tweet and memes/collage), code/animation, podcasts, music, and quality writing on astrological topics. Read on for how to submit! 👇



The next issue is called Visionnaire and will focus on Jupiter in Pisces, dreams, visions, creativity, profiles of creative/Piscean/Neptunian artists and creators. The Vision of Jupiter in Pisces. The Great Mutation from earth to Air. Visionnaire as another word for astrologer. The need for new ways to imagine our world and solve our most urgent problems. Using the tools of astrology to re-vision ourselves and the world.


Jupiter in Pisces
The 9th House / finding your personal vision
Nodes into Taurus/Scorpio
2022 Transits
Biographic chart essays
Special interest topic, research, or technique
Column ideas


Podcasts (Full episodes and relevant excerpts)
Art, astrophotography, collage, typography
Animation / code / tools
Meme series, tweets
Original music, curated playlists
Short videos (5 to 20 minutes) with an astrological theme or perspective – relating the season, current times, or special interest.

Examples: astrology software tutorial video, a video transit report, an article on a special topic, theme, philosophy, or historical perspective in astrology, a music playlist that exemplifies Jupiter in Pisces or Sagittarius, a podcast interview or discussion, the best memes or tweets of the season.

***AFAN does not allow advertising, so submitted content needs to be free of any promotion of classes or offerings. Professional bio and contact information are welcome.


The deadline is November 30 for the December Solstice Edition.

We will confirm receipt of your submission and let you know if it’s accepted. We may ask you to edit or revise it in some way.

You do not have to be an AFAN member to submit a work but you will need to be a member in good standing to be published.


Please include the following information:

Phone number:
Email address:
Location (city and country):

A headshot image: (at least 400 x 400 pixels)

Your bio: 100 words max

Articles should be submitted in either Word or Google docs.

Written pieces: 1500-3000 words is preferred. Shorter or longer articles will be considered if they are relevant to the theme. Feel free to send an inquiry. Word format, one space after periods only, single-spaced with frequent paragraph breaks.

References: all quotes and source material from other authors, clearly endnoted (end of article)

Tone: Professional, respectful, inclusive; Avoid opinion pieces about current events or the validity of other astrological approaches. Avoid debating the validity of other systems or disparaging other astrologers. Political opinions should not be obvious when presenting the astrology data. Please read and become familiar with AFAN’s statement on diversity.

Interpretations should rely on sound astrology techniques. The contents need to be factually and historically accurate and properly reference any work that is not your own.

Please proofread and spellcheck your articles before submitting them.

Submissions may not match the purpose or theme of the publication. AFAN’s volunteer editors reserve the right to make all editorial decisions.

Charts: AA-A-B rated, except for noon or solar charts

Artwork Graphics: As high resolution as possible, PNG or JPEG

Music/Audio.Podcasts: mp4, AAC format for raw files. We can also accept links and embed codes.

Video: Embeddable YouTube links, vimeo, MP4, MOV. We may ask you to remove excessive branding or front loaders.

Where technically feasible we will disable downloads of video and audio files.

Please submit submissions and inquiries to

Giulio Pellegrini
AFAN Presiding Officer

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