Call for Steering Committee Members

Dear AFAN Community and Friends,

Thank you for reading this and supporting our effort to elect a great steering committee for the next 4 years. The nomination period has been extended until Dec 19th to give time for Saturn and Jupiter to make their way into Aquarius. This is an important moment in the history of AFAN and a critical time for astrological organizations to provide leadership in the realms of ethics, advocacy, and education. We need community members to step into leadership and take an active role in shaping the future of the astrological community. As an example, current steering committee member Ali Gully is helping AFAN become the fiscal sponsor for a new astrological ethics organization dedicated to raising awareness of ethical practices in astrology. Thank you, Ali! 

It has been a tough year and I know a lot of you are burning the candle at both ends. You may be wary of extending yourself too much. Consider that the energies are about to shift in a big way and there will be much satisfaction to be found in group collaboration and community building over the next several years. Serving on the steering committee is an opportunity to stretch your capabilities and can help develop your community profile and grow your network. In addition, 2023 (or 2024) will see AFAN partner with ISAR and NCGR to host to United Astrology Conference. If you have an interest in getting involved with UAC, now is the time to join the AFAN steering committee.

Apply to join the AFAN Steering Committee and make a difference in the astrological community

How You Can Help
You can help us fill our (7) open positions in three ways:

–By nominating yourself!
–By forwarding this page to someone you think might be interested.
–By  e-mailing us with the name of someone you think would be a great candidate

We welcome and encourage people from BIPOC and LGBTQ Communities for nominations and hope to see a colorful and diverse steering committee! 

Election Details
Steering Committee positions are elected by the membership to serve 4-year terms. Nominations are open now through November 22. Self-nominations are welcome. All that’s needed is a brief personal statement (400 words max) that includes your background in astrology and a discussion about how you can help AFAN better serve its members and mission.

–Candidates must be current with their AFAN Membership
– Nominations and personal statements due: Dec 19
– Ballots sent to the membership: Dec 22
– Voting closes: Jan 10
– New Steering Committee members announced: Jan 12 

About AFAN
AFAN has a long history of being at the center of the unique issues facing practicing astrologers. Today, with the world in a state of dynamic change, we are looking ahead to the transformations necessary for AFAN to continue to strengthen astrology and the astrological community. In 2020 we worked to clarify and update our mission, values, and core programs to reflect a commitment to equity, inclusion, ethics, and professional development. That work is ongoing, and you can find a draft version of the revised mission and core values here. As Saturn moves into Aquarius we’ll build on our foundations and bring new programs to life that help us fulfill our mission to connect, protect, and support astrologers, and enhance the role of astrology in the world.

About the Steering Committee Positions
AFAN Steering Committee members are equally empowered “captains” charged with running distinct programs. We are guided by a consensus model of decision making, so bring your team spirit, creativity, and ideas to share with the other steering committee members. As a working body, members providing 4-6 hours of service each week plus monthly online meetings of about two-hours in length.

Example duties may include:

  • Writing and editing for the AFAN newsletter, blog, and magazine
  • Collaborating on event production, hosting monthly Zoom events, and facilitating online discussions
  • Social media strategy, writing, and design
  • Member outreach, networking, and polling, and member administration
  • Creating and hosting conference events and meetups
  • Recruiting mentors and matching mentors and mentees in our mentorship program
  • Providing legal information and corrective information on astrology to media outlets
  • Design and implementation of our scholarship program
  • Creating innovative new programs to serve our members
  • Helping to plan the next United Astrology Conference

Make a Difference in the Astrological Community

As a member of the AFAN Steering Committee, you will have the opportunity to support and give back to the astrological community. If you feel called to contribute your time and skills, please fill out the nominating application by Dec 19, 2020.

Questions? Drop us a mail at

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