Call for Steering Committee Members

As Saturn makes its ingress back into Capricorn we are excited to announce new leadership opportunities with two open seats on the AFAN Steering Committee (SC). We are seeking energetic, creative, and community-minded candidates who are interested in making a difference in the astrological community.

AFAN has a long and rich history of being on the vanguard of the unique issues facing practicing astrologers. Today, with the world in a state of dynamic social change, we are looking ahead to the transformations necessary for AFAN to continue to strengthen astrology and the astrological community. In the months ahead we will be redesigning our website, working on revitalizing our mission and platforms, and introducing new programs for connecting and learning. If you are interested in being at the nexus of this pivot of astrology, community, innovation, and conversation, consider applying to become a member of the steering committee.

About the Steering Committee Positions
These are short-term positions, lasting through elections in the Spring of 2021 (with the possibility of running for a full term, pending an update to the bylaws). AFAN steering committee members are guided by a consensus model of decision making, so bring your team spirit, creativity, and ideas to share with the other steering committee members.

The AFAN Steering Committee is a working body, with members expected to provide 4-6 hours of service each week and attend online meetings of two-hours length each month. As a volunteer for the AFAN Steering Committee, you have the opportunity to support and give back to the astrological community in a major astrological organization. AFAN SC members are equally empowered ‘captains’ charged with running distinct programs and features. Example duties may include:

  • Writing and editing for the AFAN newsletter, blog, and magazine
  • Collaborating on event production, hosting monthly Zoom events, and facilitating online discussions
  • Social media strategy, writing, and design
  • Member outreach, networking, and polling, and member administration
  • Creating and hosting conference events and meetups
  • Recruiting mentors and matching mentors and mentees in our mentorship program
  • Providing legal information and corrective information on astrology to media outlets
  • Design and implementation of our scholarship program
  • Creating innovative new programs to serve our members
  • Helping to plan the next United Astrology Conference

AFAN’s global mission is to enhance, protect, and validate the important role astrologers and astrology have in today’s society. Like most non-profit work with fellow astrological organizations, this is a volunteer position. If you feel called to contribute your time and/or skills to AFAN, please fill out the application by July 16th. Interviews will be conducted between July 20th and July 26th, with a decision by July 27th.

To apply tell us about yourself and your interest by filling out this form

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