We have exciting news! The Association for Astrological Networking is launching a new astrological journal for the 21st century that explores the intersections across and between astrological traditions, community, culture, art, generations, and perspectives. AFAN has a long and rich history of being at the nexus of issues facing the astrological community. We want YOU to help shine a light on the ideas, issues, transformations, shifts, and conversations happening today.


What are we looking for?

  • Astrological articles
  • Think pieces
  • Astro culture articles
  • Astro Art
  • Information about your local astrological organization
  • Community events you want listed
  • Name suggestion (you, the membership, get to name the journal!)
  • Memes
  • An astrological comic strip
  • Column ideas

Be creative! Be bold! Let’s create something amazing that showcases the incredible talent and diversity of the astrological community.

Our theme this issue is Community. Where do we find it? How do we use it in astrology? Where is it in the chart? Do different astrological perspectives view it differently?

Deadlines and Details:

Article deadlines are May 9th, 2020. 
Submit articles and ideas to newsletter@afan.org



Each journal will have a theme. We’ll announce the theme ahead of time for people to submit material appropriate to the theme. (Theme is given above)

You can write about the theme. Submit art related to the theme. You can write about ANY astrology related subject, as we will consider all submissions.

Columns – if you have an idea for a column you’d like to write for 4 issues (as we’re a quarterly) Please submit your idea with a draft of the 1st submission. 

If you have an idea about a column that you would like to suggest be sure to write to us. 

With your submission we’ll need: 


With every article or column you submit, please include a short bio (paragraph) and a recent face photo. 


Quality and creativity are what we’re looking for, so short or long articles are all welcome as long as they are pertinent and interesting. 

However, a typical format would be: 

Columns – 900-1200 words 

Articles – 1200 – 2500 words.

Questions or ideas? Send an e-mail to newsletter@afan.org.

Your AFAN Journal Team,

Aria Gmitter
Tracy Quinlan
Melanie Gurley
Glenn Mitchell 
Nate Craddock
Giulio Pellegrini