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A full listing of Steering Committee members and AFAN officers can be found on our Steering Committee page, but feel free to contact any of the people below:

Advisors Nadiya Shah:
Coordinators Laura Tadd:
Correspondence Ryhan Butler:
Democratic Procedure Leisa Schaim:
Laura Tadd:
ELists Announced Soon:
Facebook Nadiya Shah:
Gatherings Karen Johnson:
Laura Tadd:
IAD Laura Tadd, Nando Guimaraes:
Legal Information Robert Woodliff:
Public Education & Information Kiki Chen:
Announced Soon:
Membership Karen Johnson:
Mentors Robert Woodliff:
Newsletter Editor Rebecca Goldberg and Marcela Anadaluz:
Presiding Officer Leisa Schaim:
Scholarships Fernando Guiamares:
Ryhan Butler:
Nadiya Shah: 


Study Buddies Robby Woodliff:
Recording Secretary Jaysen Paulson:
Treasurer :
Voluntary Roster To Be Advised:
Web Liaison Kelly Surtees:
Karen Johnson:


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