— Working Committees

AFAN Committees are made up of elected, representative Steering Committee Chairs and volunteer AFAN members. Each Committee has a specific area of responsibility and specific duties. All AFAN members are invited to join a Committee (or two!) and take an active role in representing AFAN.


Nadiya Shah         advisors@afan.org 


Mentoring and Study Buddies

Robert Woodliff  mentor@afan.org and buddies@afan.org

The Advisors Committee shall:

  1. Create maximum opportunity for members of the Advisory Council to participate in the affairs of the Network.
  2. Recommend nominees to the SC for appointment to the Advisory Council and as Presiding Officer.
  3. Establish and maintain an active mentoring program.
  4. Solicit, receive, organize, and distribute to the members of the SC advice from the Advisory Council.
  5. Supervise the referral of matters by the SC to the Advisory Council.
  6. Cooperate with the Recording Secretary to prepare and distribute to the Advisory Council synopses of the meetings of the SC when requested.


Community Activities – IAD, Gatherings and Coordinators

Fernando Guimaraes and Amanda Pierce
Nando Guimaraes (International Astrology Day) Zody2k@aol.com
Gatherings: Nando Guimaraes and Amanda Pierce: gatherings@afan.org
IAD: Nando Guimaraes iad@afan.org

The Community Activities Committee shall:

  1. Cooperate with the Local and Regional coordinators to determine and define the duties and functions of the Coordinators.
  2. Recruit, screen, and interview, and nominate potential Coordinators for acceptance by the SC.
  3. Support current Coordinators in the fulfillment of their duties.
  4. Organize the international telephone and/or email trees, in cooperation with the Coordinators.
  5. Promote local IAD activities.
  6. Confer with regional coordinators to solicit potential scholarship venues and nominees.
  7. Coordinate with the Presiding Officer to make sure that AFAN promotional materials are made available to astrological groups and conferences.

Correspondence Committee

Amanda Pierce(Correspondence) correspondence@afan.org
Nadiya Shah (Facebook) socialmedia@afan.org

The Correspondence Committee shall:

  1. Maintain Facebook account Association for Astrological Networking post news and stay connected minimum of 2-3 times a week. Accept friendships, request networking post, keep information current and up to date for Steering Committee. Post photos of gatherings and other networking events.
  2. Receive all mail addressed to the Network through the mail drop or P.O. Box.
  3. Distribute mail to the appropriate committee or the Presiding Officer.
  4. Forward all bills, funds, and donations to the Treasurer.
  5. Respond to inquiries about the Network according to guidelines and policies established by the SC.
  6. Maintain files of correspondence.
  7. Photocopy (or save to disk) and refer letters outside this committee’s authority to answer.
  8. Responsible for enquiries via phone / Google voice number 800 number Check the 800 number for messages/ and/or have message on 800 # forwarded  to answer directly. Refer calls to other committees when appropriate.
  9. Maintain inventory of stationery for distribution to SC members.

Democratic Procedures Committee

Leisa Schaim  presidingofficer@afan.org
Amanda Moreno  democratic@afan.org

The Democratic Procedures Committee shall:

  1. Hear and investigate complaints, grievances, questions, and suggestions of Networkers and refer input on such matters to the SC.
  2. Maintain a website display of the current Bylaws.
  3. Send copies of these bylaws and/or successive versions thereof to Networkers who request them and who forward the cost of duplicating and mailing said copies.
  4. Through its chair, operate as parliamentarian and sergeant-at-arms of the SC meetings.

Finance and Treasury Committee

Christy Hall  treasurer@afan.org

The Finance and Treasury Committee, chaired by and under the supervision of the Treasurer, shall be responsible for the Network’s finances. The Treasurer shall:

  1. Have charge and custody of, and be responsible for the care and accounting of all funds and securities of the Network, and shall deposit all such funds in the name of the Network in such banks, trust companies, or other depositories as shall be selected by the SC.
  2. Keep and maintain accurate and adequate records of the Network’s income, expenses, liabilities, assets, and fund balances.
  3. Monitor the revolving funds advanced to cover the expenses of committees and staff volunteers.
  4. Report at each SC meeting, and to the Network quarterly through the Newsletter, the income, expenses, fund balances and general financial condition of the Network, recommending the need to increase revenues or to increase or decrease expenditures when necessary.
  5. Disburse all monies approved for expenditure by the SC or by the Network’s Bylaws or Standing Rules.
  6. Obtain the approval of the SC for expenditures exceeding five hundred dollars ($500).
  7. Cause to be prepared and submitted annual tax statements for the Network.
  8. Prepare and submit an annual budget, in writing, to the SC.

Legal Information Committee

Robert Woodliff legal@afan.org

The Legal Information Committee shall:

  1. Investigate and report to the Network about the legal status of astrology and the rights and responsibilities of astrologers in various communities and locations.
  2. Prepare and distribute via the AFAN website and hard copy where requested, the legal information to help Networkers understand their constitutional and legal rights and responsibilities.
  3. Educate Networkers in effective legal advocacy, support them with information, and coordinate their efforts to secure and exercise their Constitutional rights.
  4. Confer with media concerning astrology and the law.
  5. Gather and maintain a file of information about local, regional, and national laws and ordinances which relate to the astrological professions.
  6. With the approval of the SC, select and solicit advice, assistance, and legal services from attorneys; and with the Presiding Officer, interface with attorneys regarding AFAN’s involvement in any litigation.

Membership Committee

Ryhan Butler  members@afan.org
Amanda Moreno  members@afan.org

The Membership Committee shall:

  1. Process all membership applications and checks and forward all bills, checks, funds, and donations to the Treasurer.
  2. Maintain and update the membership list with records of Networkers whose dues are paid, due, in arrears, or expired.
  3. Give notice to Networkers to pay their dues.
  4. Maintain current records as to which Networkers are to be counted in the percentages applied to elections, petitions, and confirmations.
  5. Make available an electronic copy of the membership list to all Networkers who request it and hard copy to those who forward the cost of generating, duplicating and mailing it.
  6. Verify Networker’s eligibility to vote and be counted in percentages applying to elections, ballots, petitions, and confirmations.
  7. Verify that the signatures submitted on petitions are names of Networkers who are eligible to vote.
  8. Maintain a newsletter mailing list with names and contact information of Networkers and other persons, organizations, and businesses with expressed interest in the activities of the Network or desire to be sent copies of the Newsletter.
  9. Provide labels for mailing publications and for use by the SC on AFAN projects.

Publications Committee

Rebecca Goldberg and Marcela Andaluz (E-lists) elists@afan.org
newsletter@afan.org and enews@afan.org
Kelly Surtees and Lara Boshoff (Website Liaison) web@afan.org

The Publications Committee shall:

  1. Supervise the solicitation, selection, and editing of articles for the quarterly Newsletter and AFAN website, insuring the inclusion of all relevant information and points of view.
  2. Contact other committees for material.
  3. Arrange for, contract for, and supervise the typesetting, layout, printing, collating, labeling, stamping, and timely mailing of the Newsletter, website, emergency bulletins, and special letters, insuring that a sufficient number is printed for mailing to the extended newsletter list and distribution at upcoming conferences.
  4. Arrange for distributing Newsletters to conferences.
  5. Be responsible for establishment and maintenance of any electronic lists established by the SC.


Public Information, Media Watch and Education

Kiki Chen and Lara Boshoff  mediawatch@afan.org
Kiki Chen (Public Education) education@afan.org

The Public Information and Education Committee shall:

  1. Collect and disseminate information on the treatment of astrology and AFAN in the media?
  2. Inform the SC of any media coverage requiring an AFAN response.
  3. Suggest and initiate response to media treatment of astrology and of AFAN, cooperating with other standing committee chairs when appropriate.
  4. Collect and disseminate information about available astrological degree and certification programs.
  5. Cooperate with the Community Activities Committee in encouraging local and regional groups to present programs which promote discussion, research, and debate on significant astrological issues and professional concerns.
  6. Coordinate with the Legal and Publications Committees in preparing and distributing educational materials, including press releases and promotional papers, for community and public outreach.


Fernando Guimaraes: scholarships@afan.org

Marcela Andaluz: scholarships@afan.org


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