— Steering Committee

AFAN’s policies and business are directed by a 12-member Steering Committee elected by and from the membership. Each Steering Committee member chairs a Working Committee with a specific area of responsibility. In addition, there are various official appointments made by the Steering Committee, either in accordance with AFAN’s Bylaws or on an ad-hoc basis.

The current Steering Committee members are:

Advisors: Nadiya Shah

Community Activities: Fernando Guimaraes, Amanda Pierce

Correspondence: Amanda Pierce

Democratic Procedures: Leisa Schaim, Amanda Moreno

Finance/Treasury: Christy Hall

Legal: Robby Woodliff

Membership: Ryhan Butler, Amanda Moreno

Mentoring/Study Buddies: Robby Woodliff

Media Watch/Public Information: Kiki Chen, Lara Boshoff

Newsletter: Rebecca Goldberg, Marcela Andaluz

Social Media: Nadiya Shah

Website: Kelly Surtees, Lara Boshoff

Scholarships: Marcela Andaluz, Fernando Guimaraes


Kiki Chen:                    education@afan.org and mediawatch@afan.org

Christy Hall:                 treasurer@afan.org

Nadiya Shah:                 socialmedia@afan.org 

Rebecca Goldberg:        newsletter@afan.org

Ryhan Butler:                members@afan.org

Amanda Moreno:           members@afan.org

Amanda Pierce:             correspondence@afan.org 

Kelly Surtees:                web@afan.org

Lara Boshoff:                 web@afan.org and mediawatch@afan.org

Fernando Guimaraes:    scholarships@afan.org

Marcela Andaluz:           scholarships@afan.org and newsletter@afan.org

Robert Woodliff:            legal@afan.org and mentor@afan.org

For e-mail addresses for the Steering Committee members, please see their respective assignments on the Working Committee page.


Ad Hoc Committees/Appointments
Presiding Officer: Leisa Schaim (presidingofficer@afan.org)
Recording Secretary: Jaysen Paulson (secretary@afan.org)


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