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IAD Landscape
IAD Landscape

We have a spectacular lineup to celebrate International Astrology Day

In fact, we are celebrating all weekend! Mark your calendar for March 19 and 20

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We have astrologers from all over the world presenting on a wide array of astrological topics

The schedule is listed below


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We hope you will join us March 19-20 to celebrate our field of astrology together.

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Find our spectacular lineup for WORLD OF ASTROLOGY WEEKEND below.


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All times listed are Pacific Time USA

This is a free community event!

Saturday, March 19

7:30 am
Wendy Stacey (UK)

Using Astrocartography for Natal and World Events


9:00 am
Rhys Redmond Chatham (France)

A Non-Partisan Overview of Astrological House Systems


10:30 am
Ema Kurent (Slovenia)

Prenatal and Postnatal Eclipses


1:30 pm Naike Swai (USA)

Release into Pisces’ Waters: A Sound Meditation


3:00 pm Janay Anthony (USA)

Imperfect Celestial Bodies: A Disability-Affirming Framework for Interpreting the Planets


4:30 pm Keiko Ito (Japan)

Positive Saturn! Understanding the Symbology of the Karma Planet (Vedic)


6:00 pm Debbie Stapleton (Canada)

Filling Our Cup, Feeding Our Soul – An Inspirational Talk on Jupiter in Pisces


Sunday, March 20

7:30 am Sonal Sachdeva (UK)

Controlling Dance of the Malefics – Saturn, Mars, and the Lunar Nodes (Vedic)


9:00 am Alejo Lopez (Greece)

Between Heaven and Earth – How Myth & Astrology can Help Us Navigate These Difficult Times


10:30 am Nathan Theo Naicker (South Africa)

Introducing the Southern Tropical Zodiac: A Holistic Astrology for the Future


1:30 pm Alan Clay (New Zealand)

Dwarf Planets as Higher Octaves: Sedna – Ceres – Moon  &  Eris – Pluto – Mars


3:00 pm Cameron Allen (USA)

Holistic Health and Astrology: The Luminaries Explored in Everyday Life


4:30 pm Omari Martin (USA)

Legality and Ethics for Professional Astrologers


6:00 pm Alicia Yusuf

Taking the Crisis Out Of Midlife Transits



About the Speakers

Bios are in alphabetical order by first name:

Alan Clay

New Zealander Alan Clay has a background as a humanistic astrologer inspired by the work of Dane Rudhyar. Over the years this has broadened into a study of the new dwarf planets. His book ‘Sedna Consciousness, the Soul’s Path of Destiny’ is the ultimate reference on the planet Sedna. He is the NCGR International Delegate for New Zealand. He recently founded the Dwarf Planet University, where he teaches online classes helping students understand the meaning of each of the dwarf planets in their personal chart.

Learn more at

Alejo Lopez

Alejo López was born in Argentina and moved to Europe at the age of 23 with a desire to discover the world. He graduated from the Performing Arts Conservatory in Buenos Aires. He holds a degree in Psychology, and the Diploma from the Faculty of Astrological Studies, where he is currently a tutor. Nowadays, he dedicates his free time to working on the dissertation for his MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology as well as being trained as a Junguian analyst. He is a full time astrologer, taking clients from different parts of the world. He has studied myths, shamanism, and Kabbalah as he has always been interested in discovering ways to dialogue with the divine.

Learn more at Instagram: @liminalcosmos
Podcast on Spotify: Out of Bounds Astrology

Cameron Allen

Cameron began his path to understanding mind-body awareness with a degree in health and sports science, and psychology. Seeing that there was more to understand outside of the colonized education system, he began seeking understanding through direct experience with nature, astrology, herbalism, rootwork, yoga, and other indigenous technologies. Cameron began his practice as an herbalist and astrologer immersed in the community from day one and that afforded him the ability to learn from the people and plants what the wisdom of the planets can bring when we join them in communion.

Learn more at:
Instagram: @cameron.allen75248

Debbie Stapleton

Debbie Stapleton is a Canadian artist, singer, herbalist, and certified astrologer. Passionate about astrology since the 1990’s, she offers holistic astrology readings and courses for those seeking a soulful life through a deeper connection to the cosmos. Her approach is a synthesis of classical, medical, magical, and archetypal astrology, reading birth charts as an interwoven map of mind, body and soul.

Learn more at:
Instagram: @starfruit_astrology
Twitter: @starfruitastro


Ema Kurent

Ema Kurent from Ljubljana, Slovenia, has been a professional astrologer (consultant, teacher, writer and international lecturer) since 1989. Her qualifications are DFAstrolS (1988), QHP (1993), CMA (2004), and ISAR CAP (2010). She holds a BA in English and German languages from the University in Ljubljana. She specializes in traditional, forecasting, horary, and mundane astrology. She is the founder and head of the Astrološka Akademija Stella (Astrological Academy Stella) and author of several books, including ‘Sonce in Luna’ (The Sun and the Moon – 144 zodiacal combinations), ‘Horary Astrology – Your Ultimate Horary Textbook‘ with 124 Example Cases, and ‘Daily Moon’ (2021, 2022). Her articles were published in The Mountain Astrologer, ISAR, NCGR and AA Journals, Midheaven Magazine, and elsewhere. She has spoken at international conferences in England, USA, India, Poland, South Africa, Bulgaria, Serbia, and Slovenia.

Learn more at:
Instagram: @emakurent
Twitter: @emakurent
YouTube: Ema Kurent

Janay Anthony

Janay Anthony is an astrologer and tarot reader based in Chicago, IL. She’s been studying the subjects for nearly a decade and is currently the Vice President of The Association for Young Astrologers. As a queer, black woman with disabilities, her mission is to bring greater accessibility and inclusion to the astrological field. Outside of astrology, Janay’s interests span across a wide array. She graduated with a BA in Screenwriting in 2017. She has a background in acting, and is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. Another passion in Janay’s life is her love of human sexuality and sex education. She volunteers as the social media coordinator for Blind Positive Sex Education, a group dedicated to developing blind-accessible sexuality education tools and curricula. She is currently in a Master’s program for Couples and Family Counseling and is seeking certification as a sex therapist.

Learn more at:
Instagram: @janayastrology
Twitter: @JanayAstrology

Keiko Ito

After studying Western Astrology from a young age, Tokyo-based Keiko started learning Vedic Astrology in 2003 with her teacher, Komilla Sutton. Traveling regularly to India with Komilla to deepen her Vedic knowledge, Keiko has been a regular faculty at the Fresh Talents of Vedic Astrology in India, the BAVA Conference in London, the Annual Vedic Astrology Conference at Sivananda Yoga Farm in California, and the Sedona Vedic Astrology Conference in Sedona, Arizona, USA. She regularly teaches Vedic Astrology, holds lectures and workshops in Japan, shares her time between being a translator in four languages and a Vedic astrologer with clients in Japan and worldwide.

Learn more at:

Naike Swai

NAIKE SWAI is a Portland-based multi-instrumentalist, acupuncturist and astrologer of Tanzanian and German heritage. Brought up with a guitar and ngoma (traditional Tanzanian drum), they expanded their musical studies in New Delhi, India by learning the Indian Bamboo flute, also known as Bansuri with Indian classical Maestro Harsh Wardhan. In Naike’s artistic practice, they utilize time-suspending harmonic ratios, tuning forks, traditional kalimbas, analogue electronics, and other natural instruments to bring harmonizing vibrations into the body to facilitate somatic healing. Naike graduated from the Portland School of Astrology (PSA) and is now on faculty at PSA leading monthly Full Moon BIPOC Circles. Naike is a consulting astrologist, passionate about fostering community through teaching astrology, herbs and other healing modalities.

Learn more at:
Instagram: @chagga_star

Nathan Theo Naicker

Nathan Theo has a background as a petroleum engineer in the oil and gas industry and has been practicing astrology professionally since 2014. He began learning psychological astrology in 2010, then moved onto traditional western astrology with qualifications in natal, horary, mundane, locational, and medical branches. He has a Diploma in Medieval Astrology (Zoller, 2012) and a Diploma in Astrological Studies (Suskin, 2014). Since 2016, he began studying a holistic form of Vedic Astrology in an oral tradition in India dating back to the 1200s, and visits India 2-3 months a year for that purpose. His specialized consultations take into account factors from both Western and Vedic astrological traditions. Nathan runs retreats in South Africa, and hosts webinars, workshops, and private courses online in both Western and Vedic Astrology. He is an Upādhyāya or skilled assistant teacher for his Jyotiṣa Guru in India, where he facilitates a course of 200 students from around the world. He is also a regular teacher for Kepler College (USA), and has spoken at international conferences such as ISAR (2022) and IAA Breaking Down the Borders (2016, 2018, 2020, 2022). Nathan specializes in Rectification, using both Western and Vedic systems of Astrology.

Learn more at:
Instagram: @nathan_spica
Twitter: @nathan_spica

Omari Martin

Omari is a certified professional astrologer, life and board member of the American Federation Astrologers (AFA), President of The Friends of Astrology, Inc., life member of the Organization for Professional Astrology, faculty member and Chairman of Kepler College of the Astrological Arts & Sciences. He practices and teaches Natal, Electional, Vocational, and Mundane Astrology and owns SOULAR WISDOM™ and ASTROPRENEURSHIP®. He has presented at NORWAC 2018/2019/2021, United Astrology Conference 2018, Indian Institute of Oriental Heritage 2019, Astrological Association of Great Britain (AAGB), International Society of Astrological Research (ISAR), Astrology Hub Podcast – Inner Circle, and for several chapters of NCGR. He has been a guest on KUBU 96.5 FM and has written articles published in ‘The Career Astrologer.’

Learn more at:
Instagram: @astropreneurship

Rhys Redmond Chatham

Rhys Chatham is a professional astrologer based in Paris, France with clients from all over the world. He studied 20th century astrology with Charles and Vivian Jayne in the late sixties and seventies, and more recently has been immersed in the practice of traditional astrology, having studied Hellenistic astrology with Chris Brennan, Renaissance astrology and magic with Christopher Warnock, and is currently doing advanced horary study at the School of Traditional Astrology. Rhys is also a hermetic kabbalist and has been a member of various lodges in the U.K. since the year 2000.

Learn more at:

Sonal Sachdeva

Sonal Sachdeva  practices what is popularly known as Vedic astrology. It draws upon the ancient Jyotish wisdom of the Vedas from India, that, for over 3,000 years, endures as a remarkably effective method of guidance and inspiration for individuals striving for personal growth. Sonal has an extraordinary gift for illuminating the possibilities revealed in the birth chart and provides unique advice on how best to manage life’s dilemmas. She is the resident Jyotish (Vedic Astrologer) at Watkins Books, the highly acclaimed and oldest esoteric bookshop in central London, England. Sonal is an extremely insightful Tarot card reader and works with the Mythic Tarot deck of her teachers Liz Greene and Juliet Sharman Burke. As questions arise during the consultation, a Mythical Tarot card spread can be referred to as an additional tool in parallel with the astrological reading. She has her own Youtube Channels – One of them specializing in teaching Vedic Astrology. She runs Foundation Courses in Jyotisha Vedanga – Indian Vedic Astrology. Initially, Sonal studied Western Psychological Astrology under Liz Greene at the Centre of Psychological Astrology (CPA) before focusing on her Vedic learning practice under the tutelage of celebrated Indian astrologer, Pandit Sanjay Rath. She is enrolled into three courses, The Mantra Sastra program, Parasara Hora Sastra course, and the Jaimini Sutras scholar program, under the guidance of Vedanga Guru Pandit Sanjay Rath and his wife Sarbani Rath. A lifelong student of Vedic Scriptures, and currently with Vedanta Guru studying detailed Bhagavad Gita, one of the greatest Spiritual and philosophical canon. ( Lastly, and not in the least, She has been making product formulations blends of Essential Oils based on Astrological Ayurvedic Aromatherapy under the range Divine Vedic Essence.

Learn more at:
Instagram: @divinevedicessences
You Tube:

Wendy Stacey

Wendy Stacey (BA, MA, Dip LSA) is the principal of the international Mayo School of Astrology (since 2007) and Chair of the Astrological Association (since 2002). She has written numerous articles for the Astrological Journal and is the author of ‘Consulting With Astrology ‘(2012), Uranus Square Pluto  (2012). She has contributed to The New Generation (2012), The Professional Astrologer (2016), Bitcoin (2018). In 2014 Wendy received the Charles Harvey award for ‘Exceptional Service to Astrology.’ Wendy is a tutor on the MA Cultural Astronomy and Astrology course at the University of Wales.

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