AFAN’s Legal Record

State-by-state list of actions concerning the practice of astrology.

Alabama: Blocked enforcement of Huntsville ordinance. Mobile.
Alaska: Astrology legal.Arizona: Pre-AFAN repeal.
Arkansas: – –
California: Appellate and Supreme Court Azusa decisions overturn ordinances and legalize astrology, etc. Case dismissed against arrested astrologer Shirley Sunderbruch after AFAN court testimony (and Azusa decision). Blocked reenactment in L.A. County and new ordinance in L.A. City. Repealed ordinances in Salinas, Chula Vista, Redondo Beach, Pleasant Hill, etc. Modified ordinances in San Pablo, El Cerrito, Pacifica. Model ordinance enacted in Concord: astrology, etc., legal, persons who claim to alter behavior or the future require bond and license. Restrictive Burbank licensing ordinance ($200 fee) enacted over AFAN, community protests. Sued Albany in federal district court; city repealed ordinance and enacted AFAN-drafted “Alternative Consultants” business license ordinance.Colorado: Blocked omnibus counseling bill. Blocked ordinance in Boulder.Connecticut: Astrology legal. Fortune-telling legalized 1993.Delaware: – –District of Columbia: – –Florida: Overturned or revised ordinances in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Gulfport (after federal court filing), Ft. Lauderdale, Satellite City and Brevard County.
Georgia: Astrology license exam in Atlanta. ACLU files for injunctive relief in federal court: ordinances repealed in surrounding area (to avoid court ruling).Hawaii: Astrology Legal. Challenged University of Hawaii policy against astrology, etc.
Idaho: – –
Illinois: Astrology legal. AFAN fighting proposed zoning restrictions in Elmhurst.
Indiana: – –
Iowa: – –
Kansas: No state statute. AFAN Challenging ordinance in Topeka.
Kentucky: – –
Louisiana: – –
Maine: – –
Maryland: Overturned ordinance in Baltimore.
Massachusetts: Overturned ordinance in Arlington.
Michigan: Successfully challenged state statute: repeal of statute passed and signed; charges dropped in Bay City; Battle Creek ordinance fought in court after arrests at restaurant “Psychic Night.”
Minnesota: – –
Mississippi: – –
Missouri: No state statute. Sikeston ordinance repealed. Charges dismissed and ordinance overturned in Independence. Action pending in St. Louis.
Montana: – –
Nebraska: – –
Nevada: – –
New Hampshire: Ordinances overturned.
New Jersey: Reenactment of statute blocked by AFAN, NCGR in Senate testimony. Ordinance blocked in Ramsey.
New Mexico: – –New York: Lawsuit filed after arrests in Yonkers.
North Carolina: – –
North Dakota: – –
Ohio: Legalized by federal court ruling (N. District of Ohio) in Highland Heights case. Ordinance blocked in Toledo.
Oklahoma: Oklahoma City ordinance challenged/repealed.
Oregon: Appellate ruling Marks v. City of Roseberg legalizes astrology, etc. Local ordinances repealed in Ashland, Eugene, Springfield, Bend, Salem, etc.Pennsylvania: Repeal of state statute stalled by division in astrology, etc., community in spite of legislators’ support.
Rhode Island: – –
South Carolina: – –
South Dakota: – –
Tennessee: – –
Texas: Ordinance challenged in Austin.
Utah: – –
Vermont: – –
Virginia: – –
Washington: State statute repealed. Astrology, etc., exempted from omnibus counseling bill.
West Virginia: – –
Wisconsin: Ordinance repealed in West Allis. Ordinance blocked in Milwaukee.
Wyoming: – –